Victoria Road Surgery

Please do not contact the practice to ask about COVID-19 vaccination. You will be contacted when you are eligible.

 We have been asked by NHS England and NHS Improvement to start delivering the COVID-19 vaccination programme in December. This will be done by working together with other local GP practices (called a Primary Care Network) to provide the vaccines, rather doing vaccinations here at the practice.

 To enable everyone to get the vaccine in a safe and controlled way, priority groups have been agreed, so the vaccine can be delivered to people who need it first.

 We will contact you when you are eligible to receive the vaccine and provide you with information about where to go and when.  

 Please don’t contact the practice to ask for a vaccine before then.

 We are working hard to plan the delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations while continuing to deliver the largest ever flu vaccine campaign and supporting our patients with routine and urgent health requests. On that basis, we are unable to answer additional questions about the COVID vaccine.

 To help answer you’re likely questions, we have included some important information   you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccination: 

  • The vaccine will be given in order of priority to those at highest risk first (see below).
  • We will be in contact with you with information about where and when you will need to receive the vaccine.
  • Please act on your invite when it comes and make sure you attend your appointment.
  • Please continue to follow social distancing, face-covering and hand hygiene guidance, which will still save lives.

 What are the priority groups?
 Older adults in care homes, care home workers, and frontline health and social care workers are being offered the vaccine first.

 Then the vaccine will also be offered in age order to: 

  • Those aged over 80 years
  • Those aged over 75 years
  • Those aged over 70 years
  • Adults on the NHS shielded patient list.
  • Those aged over 65 years
  • Adults under 65 years with long term conditions.

 Those aged 50-64 will be offered later. Please wait for your turn. If you are not in the groups above, you will have to wait for a COVID-19 vaccination until more supplies are available. When more vaccine becomes available, we will be offering it to more people.

 More information
 If you need more information on the COVID-19 vaccination, please   visit: www. NHS.UK/covidvaccination